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5 Important Things about Shipping Dangerous Goods

1. What comes under dangerous?

Dangerous isn’t a label meant only for chemicals.

Dangerous is any product or substance that require special handling as they could be harmful to you, the transporter, recipient and/or the environment.

There are numerous common items around us that are actually classified under dangerous goods including perfume, aerosols and anything with lithium batteries such as our laptops and mobile phones.

2. How many types of dangerous goods are there?

In total, there are 9 classes of dangerous goods and the class to which your product falls under will determine how you pack, label and transport your shipment.

Different countries have different regulations for dangerous goods. If you are shipping internationally and unsure as to whether your products are acceptable, it is best you seek our expert advice.

3. How do I know if a product is dangerous?

It is always wise to seek manufacturer’s advice if the products require special handling as they will be aware of the goods that are classified under “dangerous”.

Also, be sensitive to the labels of the products – if you see anything you are unsure of, contact us.

4. Who should be responsible?

To ensure dangerous goods are correctly declared is the responsibility of the shipper. They will have to make sure the products are properly packed, labelled and shipped along with the right documentation for the countries of origin, transit and destination.

5. So how do I ship my dangerous goods?

Unfortunately, unlike general cargo, there is no standard transportation method for dangerous goods. Products of different classification requires different handling methods so it is best you consult a specialist like us.

DO NOT risk your business by making uninformed decisions which often lead to losses and undesirable problems.

Call us and let us be your shipment planner!


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