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9 Important Tips to Pack for Shipping

1. Getting the right box

  1. Always pack your goods using boxes of the right size

  2. Under-filled boxes will collapse and overloaded boxes will burst, even if strapped

  3. Small and lightweight boxes are recommended

  4. Do not go beyond the weight limit of a box (recommended weight is <15 kg each)

  5. Avoid used or worn boxes

Boxes of the right sizes can be a great protection for your goods.

2. PROTECT Your Goods

It is safest to pack your small items into partitioned boxes.

Using bubble wrap on all sides of the objects will keep your goods safe and snug, especially if they are fragile items.

Foam will help to keep your products stay in place to protect from rigorous movement and external force.

Packing peanuts are a great alternative to fill up empty spaces and prevent your goods from knocking or moving.

Double boxing is also a safe and effective packing method.

3. Seal & Tape Well

Use packing tape (recommended: duct tape) to reinforce all the sides and corners of your boxes.

Shrink wrap is a must to protect your goods and pallets from bad weather.

4. Labelling

  1. Label every box on the side with the number of boxes that you are shipping (example: 1 of 20, 2 of 20, 3 of 20 until 20 of 20

  2. Label a wrapped pallet with a label indicating the total quantity of boxes

  3. The safest way is to include an extra label inside in case the one outside gets torn

Correct placement of labels can help to save unnecessary trouble throughout the shipment.

5. Packing List

  1. ALWAYS include a packing list in your packing

  2. It details the contents of your package or container

A sample of how a packing list should look like.

6. Hazardous Goods Compliance

  1. Take note that not all products can be shipped internationally

  2. Dangerous or hazardous materials must comply with the dangerous goods regulation

  3. To understand more about compliance, contact us (Forwarding Department) for expert advice

7. Wood Packaging

  1. Raw wood is highly restricted at ports and customs to prevent spread of plant pests and diseases

  2. The wood used must be approved by International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)

8. Keep the contents confidential

  1. This is especially important for high value products

  2. DO NOT specify the content of the boxes on any of the labelling

  3. If possible, avoid displaying information of the content, brand or approximate value

9. Customs Agent

  1. Notify your agent of the venue and time of your shipping delivery

  2. A reliable agent will correspond with the shipping company and ensure delivery is performed accordingly

The correct and effective packing method will save both you and the carrier plenty of unnecessary hassles for the shipment. Efficient delivery is often the combined effort of all parties, beginning from simple yet intelligent packing!

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