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Covid-19: Import & Export of Medical Supplies | Freight Forwarder Malaysia

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Since February 2020 when Coronavirus hit China badly, we have been involved in shipping numerous medical supplies related to the pandemic. Working with clients both locally and internationally, we're glad to play our part in sending these supplies in and out of Malaysia.

February 2020 - Export of 118 Boxes of Face Masks to China

Back when the virus had not attacked Malaysia yet, one of our Chinese clients sought our help to air freight 118 boxes of face masks to their counterpart in China.

April 2020 - Export of 300,000 Face Masks & PPE, Sanitizers, Gloves, etc. to China

Loading boxes of face masks into our truck

In April the situation in China had worsen and we shipped out more face masks along with some other medical supplies to China. We also air freighted some sanitizers, PPEs and gloves.

June 2020 - 11 ton of Medical Supplies for World Food Programme

Loading medical supplies onto our trucks in KLIA for delivery

About 50 pallets of them were flown in from Dubai for the World Health Programme as part of their donation to medical frontliners in Malaysia. They comprised of personal protective equipment, sanitizers and thermometers. Once the goods were transferred from the terminal, we delivered them to their depot in Shah Alam, Selangor. Thanks to overseas partner for trusting us in ensuring the safe and prompt arrival of these donation items.

July 2020 - 18 ton of Nitrile Gloves from KL to France

Gloves in KLIA that have been packed and palletized, ready for export

Malaysia being one of the largest gloves exporters in the world is definitely experiencing the boost in gloves export. Thanks to local clients and overseas partners, we have also handled several large shipments of exporting nitrile gloves, primarily via air freight. The most recent case is a shipment comprising 4000 cartons of gloves being own from Kuala Lumpur to France.

August 2020 - Import of Raw Materials for the Manufacturing of PPEs

We have a new client that is importing a lot of raw materials from India to supply to manufacturers of personal protection equipment. This is largely due to the surge in medical demand for PPEs. The first shipment that we handled was 20 containers and there will be more to come. We’re the appointed freight forwarder to undertake the customs clearance, unstuffing of containers in our warehouse and distribution to the manufacturers all over Malaysia. Most of the finished products will be used in local hospitals while partially will be exported out to USA and Europe.

If you're also looking at shipping medical supplies to and out from Malaysia, do speak to us at 019-3873128 or drop us an email at

We'd like to also take this opportunity to thank all of our team members for their hard work during this pandemic. Virus or not, the work of a logistician still goes on and we're hopeful that the situation will turn for the better soon!

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