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Lashing & Choking

The fundamental and ultimate goal of delivering cargoes is to have them arrive safely at the destination. However, it is known that movement of any kind would shake and cause the cargoes to move, either within a container, in a vessel or on a barge. Therefore, securing cargoes onto the space they are put in is of utmost importance. The most common way of doing it is lashing and choking, in the right way.

Depending on the type, size and shape of the cargoes, lashing and choking can be done in various ways to achieve a secured state. Among the materials that can be used for lashing include cord strap and wires. Cord straps are strong, weather resistant, does not damage goods, temperature resistant and does not rust. Wires, on the other hand, is hard, tough, weather resistant and especially suitable for large and heavy machinery.

How is lashing done?

1 – Lashing bars (corner posts) 2 – Lashing bars (side rail) 4 – Lashing rings For fastening ropes, plastic strapping, steel strapping, rapid tensioners etc.

3 – Corner posts Capable of withstanding high point loads, e.g. due to shoring.

5 – Wodden Floor Anchoring by lumber connectors, nailable, possibly with staples.

6 – Corrugated steel side walls Transverse beams may be fitted into the corrugations to secure the cargo in the longitudinal direction.

What about choking?

Cargo choking is done using heavy wooden blocks or logs in different sizes and weight to give support to the base of the goods. This will ensure that cargoes are secured onto the surface and cannot be detached during transportation. That way, your cargoes will be safe and free from damage upon arrival.

Both lashing and choking are done to reduce and nullify the damage done to the goods in the container. It is a crucially important step before any transportation is performed. Any shortcoming or mistakes in lashing and choking could result in damaged cargoes, damage of containers, delay of transportation, etc.

Multi-Trans handles numerous shipments that required lashing and choking and we have a team who are well-trained and highly experienced. They have done securing for cargoes such as power cable, machinery, crated products of all sizes and many others.

Should you require professional lashing and choking services, feel free to contact us as our warehouse personnel can assist you with a customized solution to meet your expectations.

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