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Malaysia – the Largest Exporter of Gloves

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Did you know that rubber was originally introduced to Malaysia in 1877 during the British colonisation?

And in 1930, Malaysia was producing and supplying half of the world’s rubber.

Yes, that’s where we used to stand in terms of rubber trading.

Then for years, rubber prices plummeted and our rubber production deteriorated as well.

It wasn’t until recent years that rubber from Malaysia began to rise and clinch our name again in the global markets of rubber.

Currently, Malaysia has more than 500 latex-producing manufacturers including tyres, industrial and other rubber related products. The most common product is rubber gloves. And Top Glove is a Malaysian-based world’s No. 1 rubber glove maker.

According to MITI, we constituted the largest market share of vulcanised rubber exportation for gloves, mittens and mitts in 2017. Our current domination stands at almost 60% and we expect this number to continue growing.

We are also targeting to penetrate into the markets of other countries, especially the ASEAN region. The Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council (MREPC) will continue to vigorously increase awareness of glove use and promote the high quality gloves from Malaysia.

China is the fastest growing market with a growth of 250 percent in recent years but we are positive that Malaysia will still continue topping the list. In fact, our projection is to reach 287 billion of global exports in 2020, 59 billion more than what we did in 2017.

If you're importing gloves from Malaysia and require logistics services whether it is by air or sea, drop us an email at

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