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Training for Multi-Trans’s Truck Drivers

Trucking is a major segment of the logistics industry; it serves the economy by transporting large amount of commodities to arrive at the desired destinations. More often than not, it the part that completes a supply chain, ensuring the arrival of goods is not delayed.

Multi-Trans’s transportation department is always undergoing expansion and we recently purchased new general trailers to meet the demands of the market, especially those from our regular clients. However, it is also important that our truck drivers are equipped with the knowledge of how to drive, operate and react in times of emergency. Therefore, with help from Scania, we recently conducted a training session for our drivers to understand more about the trucks.

The session includes introduction of the truck, its important parts and basic immediate actions that can be taken should there be a breakdown or accident. It was an extremely beneficial training as our drivers learned a lot about new trucks as they appear to be rather different.

Thank you Scania for the support and training. We believe that our drivers would feel more confident in performing their job.

Should you require transportation services or are keen to explore any opportunities with us, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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