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Types of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers, usually made from steel, are specifically designed to withstand shipment, storage and handling. They come in various types and sizes for different purposes.

Dry storage container is the most common type of container, widely used for transporting general cargo such as dry materials.

Flat rack container has collapsible sides and is versatile enough to ship a wide variety of goods. Mostly it is used for heavy machinery or oversized cargos.

With a convertible top, this container can carry materials of any height making it a great choice to ship excessively high or long cargo.

Containers with doors on both ends are known as tunnel and it’s designed for quick loading and unloading of goods.

Open side storage container has doors at longer side of the container and thus, providing a much wider room for loading of materials.

There are containers with double doors which have an extremely wide room for loading and unloading materials. This type of containers are best suited to transport construction materials such as steel and iron.

Refrigerated containers come with carefully controlled low temperature for materials requiring cold temperature. They are used to ship perishable substances such as fruits, vegetables and pharmaceutical products over long distances.

For products that need a regulated temperature control (example: room temperature), the insulated or thermal container is used as it protects the cargo from damage of high temperature.

Tank containers are used to transport liquid materials and they are either made of steel or some anti-corrosive materials for protection purposes. Tanks are often used to ship food stuffs such as oils or chemicals.

A car carrier container can fit two or four cars depending on the size and they are mostly transported by road, rail and even sea.

Half height containers are literally half the height of normal containers and they are usually used to transport goods such as coal and stones for easy loading and unloading.

A more sophisticated version of flat rack container is called super rack with extendable heights to ship special or odd sized cargos such as helicopter and drilling machines. It can cater to a wider variety of dimensions as compared to normal flat racks.

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