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Warehouse & Storage - 5 Important Things to Consider

1. Clean and well maintained

Different types of cargoes will require different levels of cleanliness but generally a decently clean warehouse is what you want. For items such as food, pharmaceutical products, and dangerous goods, you will have a different set of requirements – so speak to the warehouse operator to understand more about the facility. There are many logistics companies in Malaysia that operate different kinds of warehouses.

We would suggest taking a physical visit to the warehouse to size up if a warehouse is suitable for your cargoes. You can also look at the interior and build-up as well as the vicinity of the warehouse area.

2. Secured – Gated, Guarded and Equipped with Surveillance

This goes without saying – the warehouse you entrust to store your goods should be secured; at minimal it must be gated and guarded. Ideally the operator should have a 24-hour CCTV surveillance installed at almost every corner. Most warehouses in Port Klang have these basic protection measures. But to be 100% sure, do find out during your visit to the warehouse.

3. Operated by Experienced Team

You would want a team that is experienced in handling various types of cargoes to handle your goods. Warehouse operators usually also take charge of containers unstuffing, forklift handling, loading onto trucks for delivery, etc. Pallets of standard sizes are probably not a concern but if your items are in odd shapes and sizes or exceptionally heavy, then experience will differentiate a good warehouse operator from a mediocre. To find out, remember to ask for relevant past experiences – photos and videos – as this information will tell you if they can handle your cargoes or not.

Some warehouse operators also provide value-added services such as picking and packing, sorting, labelling, re-packing, re-palletizing, etc. If you require such services, checking with the warehouse team beforehand will be beneficial in understanding how well they can deliver.

4. Strategically Located

Some people are not too concerned about the location of the warehouse, for as long as it is safe, secured and the team can ensure everything is in order. However, it’s good to consider the location as it will affect the logistics cost and accessibility of your distribution. Imagine if the warehouse is in an outskirt area – despite being the cheapest for storage, your cost of transport may be higher.

Any warehouses located very near to the port or located centrally within your distribution points should contribute to efficient logistics arrangement. One reason Port Klang is saturated with warehouses is because it’s located within proximity to the port. Container hauliers and transport companies are also centralized within the area, making deliveries highly convenient.

One of our warehouses is only 7 minutes away from Northport.

5. Sophisticated Warehouse Management System

This is helpful for companies looking towards digital transformation where data is all computerized. A warehouse management system can help you manage your itinerary fuss and hassle-free. Check with the storage facility’s operator if integration with your company’s system is possible. It will save you a lot of time on manual paperwork. ************************************************************************************** Multi-Trans’s new warehouse facility in Pulau Indah, Port Klang is specifically designed to store goods of any kind, from industrial machines to manufacturing items. There are also racking systems in place, providing excellent storage solutions for fast-moving products. It is managed by a team of experienced personnel with more than 20 years of track record handling cargoes across numerous industries.

Strategically located within the Pulau Indah Industrial Park, just a stone’s throw away from IKEA’s distribution center, the warehouse has everything prepared for your storage needs. Speak to us to understand more or even schedule a visit to see for yourself.

Our newly constructed warehouse in Pulau Indah, Port Klang

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