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Involvement of Multi-Trans & Megalift in Klang Valley MRT Project

Klang Valley MRT

Malaysia has never had underground train stations until the launch of the Klang Valley MRT Line 1 (Sungai Buloh-Kajang) which has 31 stations, among which seven are underground. The stations are Bukit Bintang, Maluri, Cochrane, Muzium Negara, Merdeka, Pasar Seni and Tun Razak Exchange (TRX).

EITA Schneider 

All the seven stations are equipped with escalators for commuters to move underground. EITA Schneider was the primary supplier for both the escalators for these seven stations. Thanks to client EITA Schneider, Multi-Trans was appointed as the freight forwarder to handle the project beginning the importation from China to Malaysia.

The escalators did not come in full pieces; every escalator arrived in multiple segmented parts and trusses that were stuffed in containers. The arrival and customs clearance in Port Klang, Selangor was entirely taken care of by Multi-Trans. Upon arrival, containers carrying all the parts were directed to our yard and warehouse for storage before specific models were summoned for.

Storage of EITA Schneider’s elevator and escalator parts in Multi-Trans’s warehouse.

Transportation, Unloading & Installation

EITA Schneider’s escalator parts were transported to respective MRT construction sites by Multi-Trans using general trailers. In the case where they were large and heavy, low loaders or pole trailers (for narrow terrains) were used instead.

Multi-Trans sought assistance from our associate company, Megalift who specializes in heavy transportation and heavy lifting as well as installation. Upon performing some technical studies, Megalift came up with a survey report and method statement to decide on the safest and most suitable way to unload the cargoes. Megalift also worked closely with EITA’s team on the installation aspects of the project.

Lifting and Installation works at Pasar Seni MRT station.

Apart from the escalators, Megalift was also heavily involved in other segments of the Klang Valley MRT Project such as transportation of the tunnel boring machine and train coaches.

Transportation of Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM)

There were a total of 10 tunnel boring machine units being imported for the Klang Valley MRT project Line 1 and Megalift handled all the transportation aspects of the project. The scope of work included internal shuttling and lifting.

Dimension: 6.74 m (L) x 6.63 m (W) x 3.80 (H); Weight: 155 Tons

Klang Valley MRT Electric Train Coaches

A total of 232 train coaches were transported from the production depot at Rasa, Bukit Beruntung in Selangor to the MRT depot in Sungai Buloh, Selangor involving ground journey of more than 35 kilometres. Megalift was fully responsible for the transportation beginning December 2015 until February 2017.

Every move involved a set of four coaches which totaled to 58 sets and 58 trips from Bukit Beruntung to Sungai Buloh.

Megalift team’s in jubilation during the transportation of the final, 58th set of the train coaches.

The EITA Schneider escalators and elevators, transport of tunnel boring machines and movement of train coaches were among the many other things that Multi-Trans and Megalift did for the project. Some are direct jobs while others could be indirect clients who sought our expertise in various specific areas.

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