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Time-critical OOG Shipment from Port Klang to Cebu

We have recently handled the shipment of a project involving a flat rack from Port Klang to Cebu, Philippines. The cargo is a tank weighing 26 ton (L14.1 m x W3.91 m x H3.90 m) where we picked up using a low loader from Senawang, Negeri Sembilan and transported to Klang Container Terminal (KCT). The tank is then being transferred onto the flat rack using a 60-ton mobile crane.

There’s only one carrier who can fulfill our special equipment request and it calls at North Port. North Port only caters to direct loading, hence it has been extremely crucial for us to plan the right timing for pick-up, transfer, lashing and choking of the cargo. OOG cargoes like this require strong lashing and choking to ensure it’s highly secured. And in this case, fumigation and stamping of wood for choking is required.

Plus, due to the cargo height (3.9 m), there are restrictions from overhead bridge in North Port so our team can only perform the lashing works in front of the KCT. They have definitely done an amazing job before the deadline and successfully coordinated a direct delivery to the carrier awaiting in North Port.

We are truly glad that we have provided professional and efficient services to our client, especially in the event that urgency matters a great deal. It’s always risky when time is scarce and while we do not make unrealistic promises, we can assure you that we will deliver the best of our effort to meet all the requirements.

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