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Oil & Gas Project by Multi-Trans

Yet another major job completed by Multi-Trans, this time an oil and gas project in Bintulu, Sarawak. It was an extremely time-critical job in collaboration with a trusted partner, of whom we have worked together over the years.

The project involved several different scopes including customs clearance, direct loading, commissioning and delivery of two sets of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems from Singapore to Bintulu Port in Sarawak.

Here are the cargoes transported for the project:

Collection of 12-ton Genset at Tanjung Kidurong, Bintulu using a 45-ton mobile crane.

We were tasked to collect the Genset and deliver it to Bintulu Port to be loaded onto the vessel MV Pride.

Delivery of five 40-foot flat rack container to Bintulu Port.

Delivery of a 40-foot high cube container to Bintulu Port for loading.

Delivery of the 12-ton Genset, awaiting loading alongside offshore vessel MV Pride.

Direct loading of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) from the offshore vessel.

Second ROV awaiting loading by offshore vessel.

Thanks to all parties involved, this project proved to be a success, considering the critical time-frame and various aspects of transportation needed.

Does your business also require critical delivery of goods, either cross-border or within the country?

Multi-Trans can assist you with our comprehensive logistics services. From shipping to transportation and warehousing, we promise you our best in delivery.

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